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Citations Guide: Chicago Manual of Style

How to Use this Guide

This guide is intended to illuminate key aspects and questions for the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), not to be a comprehensive style guide.  The comprehensive Chicago Manual of Style is held at the circulation desk, and you may reference it at any time in the library. Each section also includes a link or two to an authoritative source on Chicago Manual of Style. All librarians are happy to meet with you individually if you have questions or concerns about individual sources or about your bibliography in general.

About Chicago Manual of Style

What About Footnotes?

Citing Historical Sources in CMOS

Citation of primary sources and historical sources varies widely by the exact format and how you found the source, so please use the links below for more specific information.  

Specialty Sources in CMOS

Citing Books in CMOS

Books- Bibliography Format

Print book Lastname, Firstname. Title. City: Publisher, Year.
Print Book w/Multiple Authors Lastname, Firstname, Firstname Lastname, and Firstname Lastname. Title. City: Publisher, Year.
E-book Read on Device Lastname, Firstname. Title. City: Publisher, Year. [Device] edition.
E-book Read Online LastnameFirstnameTitle. City: Publisher, Year. Stable URL
Chapter in Anthology Lastname, Firstname. "Chapter." In Book Title, ed. Editorfirstname Editorlastname, pages. City: Publisher, Year.


Books- Footnote Format (First Citation)

Print Book Firstname Lastname, Title (City: Publisher, Year), Page Number(s).
Print Book w/Multiple Authors Firstname Lastname, Firstname Lastname, and Firstname Lastname, Title (City: Publisher, Year), Page Number(s).
E-Book Read on Device Firstname Lastname, Title (City: Publisher, Year), [Format] edition, Page Number(s).
E-Book Read Online Firstname LastnameTitle (City: Publisher, Year), Stable URL Page Number(s).
Chapter in Anthology Firstname Lastname, "Chapter Title," in Book Title, ed. Editorfirstname Editorlastname (City: Publisher, Year), Page Number(s).


Citing Articles in CMOS

Articles- Bibliography Format

Journal Article

Lastname, Firstname. "Article Title." Journal Name Volume (Year Published): Page Numbers.

Newspaper Article

Lastname, Firstname. "Article Title." Newspaper, Month Day, Year.

(If newspaper is from a less well-known place, include (City, ST) between the newspaper name and the comma.

Magazine Article

Lastname, Firstname. "Article Title." Magazine, Date.

(If accessed online, turn the period after page into a comma and add the stable URL)

Articles- Footnote Format (First Citation)

Journal Article

Firstname Lastname, "Article," Journal Volume, Issue (Year), Page. 

Newspaper Article

Firstname Lastname, "Article," Newspaper, Mon. Date, Year.

(If newspaper is from a less well-known place, include (City, ST) between the newspaper name and the comma)

Magazine Article

Firstname Lastname, "Article," Magazine, Date, Page.

(If accessed online, turn the last period into a comma and add the stable URL)

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