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Families: Class IX-Adult Advocating for Anti-Racism

Literacy and library resources for Brearley families

VII-Adult Advocating for Anti-Racism

These books and audiobooks are from a variety of anti-racism lists and resources for IX-Adult students and families. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of anti-racism resources, but instead is a specifically curated list of non-fiction and fiction books that directly address racism against black communities, books about black identity, and anti-racism work for allies to black communities. We will continue to update through as the summer as we  If there is something that you're looking for that you don't see on this list, please reach out to anyone in the library department, and we are happy to help provide other resource lists, book suggestions, and ebook access. 

To our white and non-Black POC students and families, we hope these resources can be a help in our collective work towards anti-racism. 

To our Black students and families, we hope these lists can be of use to you in helping you feel seen and your experiences valued.

Using This List

Click the cover of each book to read a description and to check out an ebook copy in Sora. Clicking on the cover of the book from the Brearley Library collection will bring you to our catalog. Please email Ms. Dillon at for questions about accessing your Sora account.

Book Suggestions-- Sora

Online Resources/Other Media

Book Suggestions- Brearley Library

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